Milkweed Electric is six piece version of Milkweed. The group came together for the first time on Halloween in 2016 with the idea of playing one show for the Scareousel Ball in Johnson City, NY.  It was such a success though that the ball kept rolling and has not stopped since.  With the heart of the original Milkweed songs and style, the big band is stretching into a larger and electrified sound. The group released their first recordings with the 'Electric - EP' in January of 2018 and are looking to release a full length album by the Summer.  The band consists of Caleb Estey on drums, Joe Biglin on keys, Joe Cirotti on guitar, Pete Lister on bass and vocals, Jackie Colombo on guitar and vocals, and Joseph Alston on guitar and vocals. With more shows and invitations coming in up and down the East Coast the group does not appear to be slowing down. 







       A video of 'Whistling Parade' from New Years Eve 2018 at The Haunt in Ithaca NY.