Milkweed is a band that was born on Main Street in the quiet post industrial city of Binghamton NY.  Its core has been the collaboration of three artists - Joseph Alston, Jacqueline Colombo and Peter Lister.  It is this trio that has created the style, sound and songs that define Milkweed.  With the birth of the six piece electric version of Milkweed, their sound and impact have grown exponentially.  Joined by New Jersey natives Joe Biglin, Caleb Estes and Joe Cirotti, Milkweed has gone electric with the addition of keys, drums and electric guitar.  Without committing to one genre Milkweed has pulled from many of the great aspects of American music and created their own brand of American song and story telling.  Whether it is blue grass guitar flat picking, Chicago blues harmonica, Irish ballads or Jersey shore folk songs, Milkweed weaves together the sounds that make up the rich tapestry of American music history. With their lyrics they set themselves apart from the norm, taking the simple stories of everyday people and telling them through the lens of dreams and what it means to be a human.  The root of the bands sound is in the use of three part harmony to impart a sense of importance and depth to their lyrics that brings the listener into their songs and feel invested in it.

Milkweeds debut full length album, Dream of An American Family, was released in November of 2015.  It consists of thirteen original songs ranging from fingerpicking ballads, up tempo picking tunes, to a piedmont blues inspired song.  It was recorded by Don Sternecker at the great Mixolydian Studios and was crafted to be like the great folk albums of the past, predominantly live and in front of great microphones.  Songs from the album have received praise and radio play throughout the Northeast and East Coast and has gotten Milkweed onto larger theater and festival stages over the last year.  The newest release of Milkweed in January 2018 is the ELECTRIC - EP and features the six piece band recorded in Hart Studios by Two Birds Records. Milkweed has been hard at work, touring extensively for over three years and playing more then 200 shows a year.  With plans to start hitting the road with the six piece, and multiple recording sessions already booked, Milkweed shows no signs of slowing down.   

"Milkweed is a first class band. These guys have got it. Their ensemble playing is thoughtful; it actually has parts like chamber music, and dynamics. Some folks don't know about dynamics. And great songs as well!"         - Mark Morganstern, owner of the legendary Rosendale Cafe